Article by:
Anna Orpwood,
Equity Partner

Anna Orpwood and the Wanstead office take part in “A Portrait of the High Street”.

For hundreds of years, the high street has been the centre of communities throughout Britain. From as early as the Victorians and Edwardians, photographs have been taken of shop keepers proudly posing in front of their businesses.

Russell Boyce, photographer, was curious to know when the business owners set up shop and why. He wanted to understand what they think the future holds for the high street, given the challenges of online shopping, rising costs and the impact of the Covid pandemic.

Anna Orpwood, Equity Partner, takes part in this by posing for a picture outside their Wanstead office with colleagues on October 7, 2021.

“I think sadly, probably, some high streets in some areas are not going to be able to reinvent itself. This is because of online shopping and things like that; but in an area like Wanstead people are quite passionate about the High Street, you go out there and it’s a very buzzy kind of High Street. So, I think this High Street will be okay.”

The exhibition will open February 28, 2022 at the Temple in Wanstead Park.


Picture by Russell Boyce

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