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7 04, 2022

Can commercial rent debts as a result of the pandemic now be recovered?

In April 2020, the Government announced measures to protect ...

16 08, 2021

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

As we approach “business as usual”, what losses can ...

30 06, 2020

What is a Yuzu Order?

Yuzu Hair & Beauty Limited v Selvathiraviam [2019] EWHC ...

5 05, 2020

Coronavirus and Commercial Property

On 23 April 2020, the Government announced new measures ...

8 01, 2020

A practical guide to reducing bad debts

Kavita Rana, Solicitor & Partner at Edwards Duthie ...

23 10, 2019

Reducing the Fire Risk

Kavita Rana, Solicitor & Partner at Edwards ...

29 10, 2018

What is contentious probate?

Disputes concerning wills and inheritance can be tricky and sensitive. When a person dies, their estate is administered in accordance with their wishes in the will. If the deceased does not have a will and dies intestate, the Intestacy Rules govern the distribution of the estate.

1 08, 2018

Business leases explained

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 governs business tenancies and has been in force for over 60 years, but what does the Act mean in the world of commercial leases?

4 07, 2018

The effect of Japanese Knotweed in the property market

Japanese Knotweed is one of the most invasive plants in the UK. It spreads rapidly and can grow up to 10cm a day. It is extremely difficult to eradicate from land and can penetrate foundations, concrete hardstanding and walls, causing considerable damage. The Government has estimated that eradicating it from the UK would cost £2.6 billion.

14 09, 2017

The cost of disrepair

Is a dilapidations covenant on the lease of a commercial property usual?