Edwards Duthie Shamash’s criminal department has spent significant time in schools in the surrounding area recently assisting budding lawyers with their career choices.

Amy Meech, Daniel Cohen and Phillip Law have spent time in Bancrofts School (Woodford Green); Eastleigh School (Newham); Sacred Heart (Upminster) and Trinity School(Woodford Green), delivering talks and advising on career paths. Would be Barristers and Solicitors have benefitted from the collective experience in the department and have gone on action a number of plans.

We understand that Eastlea ran a successful mock trial program and that plans are afoot in Sacred Heart to establish a debating society as a result of these attendances. Individuals in all schools appear to be actively looking to put plans in place to enrich their CVs!

The criminal department would like to thank the schools for their hospitality and kindness and look forward to being able to assist in the future.

If your school would like careers advice, please contact Phillip Law.

Edwards Duthie Shamash successfully appealed the conviction of a young man accused of assaulting an elderly gentleman in the Dagenham area in 2011.

Having been convicted after a retrial (the first jury being undecided), the Court of Appeal ruled that the jury had been misdirected on the issue of self-defence.

Citing the principle laid down in the Privy Council case of DPP (Jamaica) v Bailey [1995] 1 Cr. App. R. 257, Phillip Law successfully argued that self defence should have been left to the jury despite the defence case being one of alibi. Expressing some sympathy for the Learned Judge’s position in the Crown Court, the Court of Appeal acknowledged that Mr Law’s submission accurately represented the position in the authorities.

Phillip Law was the litigator and the advocate at both trials and al hearings in the Court of Appeal.