Ms Nicola Grindey LL.B (Hons)

Criminal Department

Nicola is an experienced solicitor in the criminal department who fights hard on behalf of her clients to ensure that they get the best possible result.

Experience & Areas of Expertise

She regularly represents individuals at trial in the Magistrates’ court, often securing not guilty verdicts following thorough and proactive case preparation.  Nicola provides detailed analysis and realistic advice based on the facts and evidence of each particular case.

In the Crown Court, Nicola represents clients charged with offences such as murder, possession with intent to supply drugs, rape and fraud. With 10 years of experience working in criminal litigation, she understands the importance of working as a team with counsel and the client. She ensures that her clients are fully involved in the preparation process.

Other Skills

Nicola has a particular interest and expertise in representing vulnerable clients with mental health conditions. She is proactive in exploring and advising on possible psychiatric defences as well as making representations to the Crown Prosecution Service that it is not in the public interest to prosecute, where appropriate.

Nicola has obtained Higher Rights of Audience, which allows her to appear as a solicitor-advocate in the Crown Court.

Nicola has experience in making representations to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in relation to the removal of records and barring referrals.

Examples of recent notable cases in the Crown Court

  • Conspiracy to commit human trafficking, control prostitution and supply class A drugs connected to a brothel in East London. This multi-handed case involved the expert analysis of phone evidence and financial activity.
  • Rape of an ex-partner. Detailed disclosure requests led to evidence being uncovered, that undermined the prosecution’s case to the extent that they decided not to proceed to trial.
  • Robbery and false imprisonment. This case involved an allegation that the client had broken into a property with other masked men, bound the complainant and made threats with a knife in order to steal multiple Rolex watches. The client was acquitted following trial.
  • Possession with intent to supply class A drugs, namely crack cocaine, to an undercover police officer. A basis of plea was entered and the client received a suspended sentence rather than immediate custody.
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