Mr Conrad Libischer LL.B, B.Com., M.A.

Criminal Department

Conrad qualified and stared working as a solicitor in New Zealand in 1997, after completing degrees in law and finance at the University of Auckland. In 1999 he moved to London and worked as a solicitor at Freshfields, a large city firm.

Experience & Areas of Expertise

Prior to joining Edwards Duthie Shamash, Conrad completed an MA in Criminology and Criminal Justice (distinction) from Kings College, London.
Conrad joined Edwards Duthie Shamash in early 2010 as a solicitor, and now works as a consultant solicitor in the criminal department.  He defends those accused of serious violence and involvements in drug conspiracies facing trial in the Crown Court.  He also has a thriving fraud practice and also represents clients in the Magistrates Court on a private paying basis.
Recent cases which Conrad has been the lead solicitor are:
R v M – Conrad represented a defendant standing trial for the murder of a youth in Pimlico, chased down and murdered by 10 youths in a drug-dealing gang turf war. Despite the prosecution placing the defendant at the scene where the gang set off, having damaging phone, internet and drug dealing evidence, and having the defendant’s DNA on a murder weapon, the defence successfully fought the trial and the defendant was found not guilty.  In particular the defence was successful due to painstaking analysis of the prosecution CCTV, effectively turning it on the prosecution, successfully challenging and certainty of how the DNA arrived on the weapon and a detailed analysis and explanation of the phone and internet evidence.  Conrad represented the only defendant acquitted.
R v B – Conrad represented a defendant in the trial for the murder connected to the body found in White Hart Lake, Dagenham.  Even though the defendant was linked to the scene of the murder and the body, the defence successfully argued that he had nothing to do with the murder or disposal of the body.  The defendant Conrad represented was acquitted of all charges, all other defendants were convicted.
R v W – After a 6 month surveillance by the special operations team of the Police, the defendant was arrested in relation to a conspiracy to supply drugs, during a hand over of 7 kilos of drugs.  Conrad ran an active defence of obtaining as much evidence as possible to challenge the Crown’s contention that the police were involved in the supply of drugs together with arguing that the defendant had no actual knowledge of what was in the boxes, leading to him being found not guilty of all charges.
R v I – Conrad represented a client accused of being involved in a drug-dealing related gang attack on a rival gang, involving an axe and the firing of a handgun by the client represented by Conrad.  He was successfully defended and not found guilty on any charges.
R v H – The defendant had stabbed the complainant in the heart during a fight outside the defendant’s house, nearly causing his death.  Despite a large amount of weaponry in found in his house, the defendant bringing a baseball bat to the fight and an independent witness saying that the defendant attacked first, Conrad successfully argued that the knife had been brought to the fight by the complainant, the complainant had started it and the defendant was only acting in self-defence.  Accordingly the defendant was acquitted of all charges.
R v C – Charged with 6 counts of armed robbery including allegations that the defendant has threatened victims with throwing acid on them.  By rigorously challenging the identification evidence, the defendant was cleared of all charges.
R v J, J and J – Conrad defended all three defendants accused of the most serious of sexual offences against young children in the family, stretching for a period of 15 years.  He successfully argued that the main defendant was unfit to stand trial, despite the public doubts of his doctor and a forensic psychiatrist; and so avoiding any possibility of prison.  Then through painstaking collection of defence evidence, the prosecution case was successfully challenged with the ‘trial of facts’ against the main defendant, and trial of the other two defendants, collapsing and all defendants being acquitted of all charges.
R v B – The client Conrad defended was accused of the multiple rape of two women over a period of 8 months, and the sex trafficking of one such woman.  Sustained pressure on the prosecution by the defence secured sufficient disclosure caused the Crown’s case to unravel.  The defendant was acquitted of all charges.
Recent Fraud Cases
R v L – Conrad represented a client accused of being a ‘closer’ in a carbon credit investment boiler room fraud of approximately £2,000,000.  Unusually one of the complainants alleged that they had met the client face to face, and combined with the defendant being arrested at the ‘boiler room’, on its face, the evidence was strong against the defendant.  However, the defendant was successfully defended with no charges being brought against him.
R v S – The client Conrad defended was accused of defrauding her bank employer of approximately £20 million pounds by fraudulently diverting broker fees.  She was successfully defended and cleared of all the allegations.
R v T – The defendant was accused of a large scale benefit fraud.  Through gathering extensive evidence to challenge the prosecution case, the defendant was found not guilty on all charges.

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