Rose Anstess

Rose is a solicitor within the Family and Court of Protection departments.

Experience & Areas of Expertise

Rose has experience working on s.21A deprivation of liberty Mental Capacity Act 2005 proceedings, instructed by the Official Solicitor, as well as more complex cases to determine the client’s capacity to make decisions regarding matters such as consent to sexual relations, marriage and contact with particular individuals.

Rose has experience in care proceedings matters frequently brought under the Children Act 1989, as well FMPO, rule 16.4 private law, contact cases and non-molestation and occupation order cases. Rose has experience in matters where there is a crossover between mental health issues or those under a disability and family matters, particularly with regard to forced marriage proceedings and contact issues.

Rose was part of the team that worked on the recent Supreme Court case N (Appellant) v ACCG and others (Respondents) where Steel and Shamash Solicitors (as the firm was known then) represented a respondent and received a favourable judgement on 22 March 2017.

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