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29 05, 2018

Is it time for “no fault” divorce?

If you watched the news or picked up a paper recently, you'll probably be aware of the case of Owens v Owens - a defended divorce case that's gone all the way to trial and is so incredibly rare it has made headlines. Five justices of the Supreme Court heard legal argument and submissions in the case but we do not expect to receive the judgment for a number of weeks.

1 05, 2018

Can I get more money from my ex-partner?

If your circumstances have changed, you can apply to increase or decrease your amount of spousal maintenance. An application to vary a spousal maintenance order can be made at any time during the life of the order.

26 02, 2018

Putting children first in divorce law

As child focused lawyers at Edwards Duthie Shamash we have historically encouraged parties to consider particulars that were not hostile. Since the Court of Appeal decision it is now imperative to get case specific advice when drafting a petition.