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Although potentially an upsetting and emotional experience, making a Will and preparing for death is an incredibly important part of life. By writing a Will, you can ensure that all of your wishes are taken care of after you’ve gone. From making sure your assets are correctly divided up between friends and relatives, to ensuring vulnerable family members are cared for and even your wishes for a final resting place are carried out.

By dying with an invalid Will or without one at all, you leave your estate to the rules of intestacy. This could mean that your family do not inherit everything they are due and vulnerable family members could be left in the hands of social services, instead of the guardians that you had wished for.

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Testamentary Guardians

A Will is the only place in which you can decide who will care for your children after you die. It is especially important to appoint a testamentary guardian when you have been through a divorce to prevent possible arguments between the wider family should you die while your children are young. You can also give guidance to your guardians and provide them with access to funds to ensure your children are cared for in the way you would like them to be.

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At Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors, our experienced Wills and probate solicitors offer an all-encompassing Will writing service. We can draft Wills, living Wills and mirror Wills, as well as giving practical, measured and sensitive advice and support on all aspects of this important part of life. We offer free storage of all Wills that we draft in our fireproof storage cabinets. If the Will is stored with us then we give you copies of the signed Will for you to keep and to give to your Executors together with a note informing them that the original is in our store.

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