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Court of Protection Deputyship Applications

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Court of Protection Deputyship Applications

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The Court of Protection is part of the Supreme Court which specifically deals with the affairs of people who are mentally incapable of making decisions for themselves.  The Court of Protection can appoint people to act as deputies on behalf of those who are no longer able to make their own decisions about their health and welfare, and their property and financial affairs.  This is often the position that families find themselves in if individuals have not already put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Deputies have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the person they have been appointed to help and plan how to spend their money and improve their quality of life. 

Applying to become a deputy by the Court of Protection is a very complex matter and our Team of experienced lawyers are dedicated in assisting you in protecting the best interests of the vulnerable.  We can provide expert advice and discuss if you have exhausted all other options and provide the complete service with regard to any application to the Court that you may wish to make.

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