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Fraud / Financial Crime

We have experience in high value complex frauds

Fraud / Financial Crime

Experts in Criminal Law

Often described as white collar crime, this area of criminal law covers a multitude of complex offending based around a central element of dishonesty.  The evidence often requires a multidisciplinary approach and a keen eye for detail.

Fraud involves a dishonest intention to make a gain or cause a loss (or risk a loss).  It can be committed by making a false representation, by failing to disclose information, or by an abuse of position.

Specialists in high value complex cases

We have experience in high value complex frauds including investigations and prosecutions by the Serious Fraud Office, City of London Police, National Crime Agency, Crown Prosecution Service, HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority.

We can advise and represent you if you are the subject of investigation or prosecution in respect of bribery and corruption allegations, advance fee frauds, boiler room frauds, phishing scams, mortgage fraud, banking fraud, false accounting, and money laundering allegations.  We have a very skilled team that regularly advises and represents individuals in Proceeds of Crime matters.

We can assist you if you are subject to investigation, require advice and assistance for an interview and if you are prosecuted in the Crown Court.  We can advise and represent both individuals and corporate entities. You should contact us as soon as you learn of a possible investigation.

We have been instructed by former solicitors in respect of allegations of financial crime, involving matters also before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. We have been involved in very high-profile financial crime investigations (cash for honours) and prosecutions, including representing four of the MPs prosecuted in respect of the MP’s expenses scandal.

We represent clients both on a privately funded basis and those that are legally aided.

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