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Serious Injury Compensation Claims

We have years of experience of handling serious injury claims

Serious Life Changing Injuries

No Win No Fee Serious Injury Compensation Experts

We fully appreciate the impact that a serious injury can have on you and your loved ones.  Such injuries are life-changing, and our expert team of serious injury solicitors will help you recover compensation for your injury and obtain the best possible care, rehabilitation and support. We have years of experience of handling serious injury claims and have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for clients who have had serious injuries.

Types of serious injury claims

Our serious injury solicitors have expertise in handling the following types of injury claims:

  • head and brain injury
  • spinal injury
  • amputations
  • loss of sight
  • broken and fractured bones
  • fatal injuries
  • chronic pain
  • multiple injuries
  • burns
  • paralysis

What is a serious injury?

Serious injuries are those which will have a long-term effect and are life-changing.  Compensation for these injuries must take into account:

  • rehabilitation needs
  • long-term care and support
  • loss of earnings and pensions if you are no longer able to work or cannot perform the same job
  • moving to a new home or making adaptations to your existing home
Brain injuries

We fully appreciate the impact that a brain injury can have on you and your family.  We are able to obtain the best treatment, care and support from brain injury case managers, rehabilitation providers and therapists.  We regularly provide assistance for people who have been injured in road traffic accidents, criminal assaults and workplace accidents. 

Spinal injury

Our spinal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation to assist you and your family.  If you have suffered a spinal injury that was not your fault, our expert spinal injury solicitors can help you get your life back on track.  We have experience in obtaining compensation for people who have suffered spinal injuries at work and in road traffic accidents.
Compensation can be used to support your recovery or help you make adaptations to your home, and for transport, rehabilitation therapy and private healthcare. 

Broken and fractured bone claims

We have extensive experience in handling claims for people who have suffered from broken and fractured bones.  We are able to assist in providing suitable rehabilitation and treatment to aid your recovery, and have experience in recovering a level of compensation that will assist you in putting your life back together again.

Amputation claims

We appreciate that claiming compensation may not be your first thought after being involved in a serious injury and suffering an amputation.  However, our sympathetic and committed solicitors will ensure we obtain the right outcome on behalf of you and your family and attempt to recover compensation that will lead to a better outcome for your rehabilitation, financial stability and quality of life.  We will help you to gain access to the best psychological and physical care.

Loss of sight claims

Our expert team of solicitors appreciate how traumatic the loss of one’s sight can be as a result of an accident that was not your fault.  We will do everything possible to recover suitable compensation on your behalf.
We appreciate that an injury to one or both eyes that causes temporary or permanent loss of sight can have a devastating impact on you and your family.  Such eye injuries can affect employment and everyday quality of life.  Our serious injury solicitors have years of experience in helping such people claim compensation for loss of sight injuries.

Multiple injuries

We understand the impact that having an accident that causes multiple injuries can have on you and your loved ones.  Our serious injury solicitors have extensive experience in handling multiple injury claims, where injury may have been caused by falls from height, accidents at work, defective machinery or road traffic accidents.  We handle these cases on a No Win No Fee basis.

Burn injury claims

Our serious injury solicitors have expertise at handling compensation claims for burn injuries.  We appreciate that such injuries can be life-changing and we are able to help you with rehabilitation support and support for any psychological symptoms you have experienced.  We have assisted many clients who have suffered from serious burns as a result of chemical burns, gas explosions, firework injuries, criminal acid attacks and cement burns

Paralysis claims

Very often, paralysis can occur as a result of an accident or illness caused by the fault of somebody else.  Paralysis can be temporary or permanent and may affect many bodily functions and impact on every aspect of your life.  We can provide support to you and your family to obtain a suitable outcome. 
Unfortunately, people become paralysed as a result of many situations including a sporting accident, horse riding incident, road traffic accident, construction accident, falling from height or
an accident at work.
We have assisted clients who have unfortunately been left with conditions such as spinal cord injury, brain injury and strokes.
We handle paralysis claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

Chronic pain

Chronic pain can be a life-changing condition that can have both mental and physical effects upon your wellbeing.  Chronic pain is a very individual experience and this is appreciated by our expert team of serious injury solicitors.  We will ensure that you are provided with assistance from rehabilitation specialists such as occupational therapists, pain consultants and physiotherapists.
We will handle chronic pain syndrome cases on a No Win No Fee basis.

How long will the claim take?

Serious injury claims usually take a few years to bring to a conclusion.  However, it is possible for us to obtain interim compensation payments before the conclusion of your claim, to help pay for any treatment you require.  These payments are available if the responsible party admits fault for your injury.  The final settlement will depend upon a number of factors including whether you have made a full recovery or not.  Our specialist lawyers will make sure that your compensation is calculated to take into account all relevant factors.

Time limits

Usually, you have three years from the date the injury happened in which to commence your claim.  There are exceptions to this rule which involve children and where a person lacks mental capacity to pursue the claim themselves.
However, it is important to obtain legal advice as urgently as possible to see if you have a claim. 

Why choose Edwards Duthie Shamash

We handle your claim on a No Win No Fee basis which means that if your claim is unsuccessful you will not be responsible for any of our legal costs.  We will help you obtain compensation to take care of your future care, any adaptations and equipment you need, and rehabilitation and treatment to help you to recover from your injuries. 

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