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Health and Welfare

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Health and Welfare

We are experts in Health and Welfare

Our highly experienced and sought-after specialist team provides advice, assistance and representation in the Court of Protection to vulnerable adults who may lack the mental capacity to make certain decisions. The team normally acts through a litigation friend, such as the Official Solicitor, an advocate or a Relevant Person’s Representative. We also represent family members, carers and other people interested in a vulnerable adult’s welfare. Two of our solicitors, Laura Mannering and Melissa Law, are also Accredited Legal Representatives, and can be appointed by the court to represent individuals in Court of Protection proceedings without the need for a litigation friend.

Our team also has experience advising in proceedings in other areas of law where there is a mental capacity element. In particular, our team has expertise in cases where there is an interplay between family, community care and mental health law and the Court of Protection.  

We combine a professional and efficient service with a sensitive and constructive approach to our clients and their cases.

Areas of expertise

The matters on which we advise include:

  • Mental Capacity
  • Proceedings in the Court of Protection
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)
  • Relevant Person’s Representatives
  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults
  • The Inherent Jurisdiction
  • Property and financial affairs within welfare proceedings (please see our firm’s Private Client page for assistance with matters related to deputyship and lasting powers of attorney)

These matters may include issues about where someone lives, what sort of care and support they should receive, with whom they should have contact, their access to social media and the internet, whether they should travel, whether they should have relationships, get married, or have sex.


Legal Aid can help meet the costs of legal advice, and representation in court proceedings.

Legal Aid is available in health and welfare cases and depending on the proceedings before the court. Some people will be automatically eligible for legal aid regardless of their financial position.

As a result you may be eligible for Legal Aid to cover the costs of our advice and any representation in court. Our friendly and professional team are always willing to take enquiries and advise you whether you have a legal problem that we can assist with and whether you are eligible for Legal Aid.

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