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Will Drafting

We are highly experienced in drafting all sorts of Wills

Will Drafting

We are experts in Will Drafting

Making a Will is incredibly important both for your peace of mind now and for planning for the future.

The process of making a Will is, with the help of our Team, straightforward and inexpensive and once it is done you will wonder why you put off doing it for so long!

A Will allows you to make big decisions that will be very important in the future, such as who will be responsible for your affairs and how your property and assets are to be divided.  These decisions are so important that you will want to make sure that the document that is produced is a valid Will.

Our Team are highly experienced in drafting all sorts of Wills for people in different situations. Whether it is a basic Will or a complex one – we are able to assist.

The importance of a Will

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of having a Will in place. Dying without a Will means that your estate is left to be divided up by the Rules of Intestacy.  This could mean your family and loved ones do not inherit everything that you would wish them to and the people you wish to protect are not afforded such protection.

There is a misconception that Will writing is something you should do later in life. Having a Will is important at all stages of your life. For example, we can advise young parents with children on the importance of ensuring there is a Guardianship clause incorporated into their Wills meaning peace of mind for a young family.

We can offer appointments at any of our offices in Wanstead, Stratford, Ilford and Waterloo that offer this service.  In addition to this, if you are unable to attend one of our offices, we can offer the service of home visits and would be happy to discuss this further with you.

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