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Police Station Pre-Charge Advice

We recognise police station advice and assistance can be critical at trial

Police Station Pre-Charge Advice

Experts in Criminal Law

We recognise that whatever the allegation, the advice and assistance given at the police investigation stage will have the greatest impact on whether a charging decision is made, and will be critical at trial.

Our aim is to avoid a charge wherever possible, and this is why professional bodies, such as the Medical Protection Society, Olympic organisations, Trade Unions trust and instruct us to represent them / their members. You can rely on us to do what we can to protect your reputation and privacy and avoid publicity during the police investigation stage. We have assisted clients being questioned by the police in some of the highest profile investigations but you will not have heard of many of our clients simply because they have not been charged.

24/7 Contact Line

If you have been detained by police or are ringing on behalf of someone who has been arrested, our emergency arrest line is available 24/7 and you can expect a speedy response from one of our Team. Contact us on 020 8471 8115

If you have been asked by the police to attend a police station voluntarily then please contact us and we will assist. Contact us on 020 8514 9000 or 020 8471 8115

If you have already been interviewed, we can assist and advise as to whether to engage with the police further in order to achieve a situation where you may not be charged.  This can involve seeking evidence in support of your account, whether from witnesses or from telephone or computer interrogation.  It can also involve making representations to the police / CPS on your behalf.  Contact us on 020 8514 9000

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