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Drug Offences

Sentences for offences involving the supply of drugs can be very severe

Drug Offences

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Whatever your view on drug use, the reality is that laws passed by government determine what drug use is and is not illegal.

Drugs are categorised into 3 types:

  • Class A such as cocaine (including crack cocaine) heroin and methadone, Ecstasy, LSD, magic mushrooms and ‘crystal meth’
  • Class B such as cannabis, ketamine, mephedrone, speed, GHB and other amphetamines
  • Class C, said to be the least serious such as anabolic steroids and benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Diazepam)

Possession of drugs

Simple possession of a small amount of drugs, even class A drugs, is unlikely to result in custody but supplying drugs, possession of drugs with intent to supply, conspiracy to supply, cultivation or importation suggesting a greater involvement in the drug trade, carries the risk of significant terms of imprisonment especially for Class A drugs but also Class B drugs.

Supplying drugs

Sentencing for offences involving the supply of drugs can be very severe.  We can explain these to you so you are fully aware of the circumstances.

Police investigations into drug supply will often involve undercover police officers, mobile telephone evidence including cell-site analysis, encrypted conversations on social media, CCTV or body worn footage, and fingerprint / DNA evidence. Our experienced legal team will guide you through the sometimes confusing law on illegal drugs, advise you on the evidence and where necessary instruct appropriate experts.

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