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Repossession and Eviction

The threat of losing your home can be very worrying and stressful.

Repossession and Eviction

We are experts in repossession and evictions

We recognise that Court proceedings and the threat of losing your home can be very worrying and stressful. We can help.

In most cases a landlord or mortgage lender must apply to court for a Possession Order before the property can be lawfully repossessed.  Often this is because of rent or mortgage arrears. Alternatively there may be allegations of breach of a tenancy or mortgage conditions or your landlord may simply want the property back so that it can be sold or re-let. We recommend that you seek advice as early as possible as there may be a defence to the claim.

Once your landlord or mortgage lender has a possession order they may be entitled to apply to the court to evict you. We may be able to apply to court for you to postpone the eviction.

  • Have you received notice of possible court proceedings?
  • Has a claim for possession been issued against you?
  • Are you threatened with eviction by bailiffs?

If so, we can help.

We have a dedicated team of housing lawyers with significant experience of defending claims for possession. We will ensure that your case is dealt with swiftly and professionally.

It is often helpful to seek early legal advice so please get in touch now if you think we can help. If your income is low, legal aid may be available to represent you.  If you would like to know more or need our help please call us now on 020 8514 9000 and ask to speak with one of our housing lawyers.

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