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Commercial Leases

Negotiating the right lease for you

Commercial Leases

Commercial Leases

Understanding your needs

We pride ourselves on our friendly, no nonsense approach to Commercial leases. Our experienced team combines extensive, up-to-the-minute legal knowledge, with a sharp commercial insight and practical approach. We understand business and the different priorities of our clients, and we tailor our commercial lease advice accordingly.

Getting the deal done

Although they have different motivations, Landlords and Tenants alike will usually share one aim. You may be a Landlord anxious to secure your income stream or a Tenant anxious to commence trading. In either case you will want to complete the deal as quickly as possible. We offer an expedited service which will never compromise on quality.

Complicated Subject – straightforward advice

Commercial leases are not simple and rarely straightforward. The advantage of the wealth of experience we can bring to bear on a range of topics is that we will have been there before. We can cut though the complexities and get to the point, explaining in jargon- free, simple English the risks and potential liabilities inherent in any commercial leasehold situation.

We offer expert advice on:

  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Commercial lease renewals
  • Exclusion of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Break Clauses (traps for the unwary)
  • Rent reviews
  • Assignment and underletting
  • Property management
  • Service charge  and insurance
  • Dilapidations and repair
  • Tenant default and insolvency

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