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When the state brings its resources to bear against you or a loved one on a charge of Murder you need to know you have the best experienced lawyers fighting for you.

Murder is committed where a person of sound mind (sane) unlawfully (i.e. not in self-defence) kills any human being with intent to kill or cause grievous bodily harm.  The punishment if convicted of murder is life imprisonment.

Allegations of murder

Allegations of murder can involve attempted murder (where the intent must be to kill), conspiracy to murder, and manslaughter as well as causing death by dangerous driving. Murder cannot be committed by a company or other corporation, but there is the offence of corporate manslaughter.

The law on murder is complex.  It routinely involves issues around causation, joint enterprise, and self-defence.  There are also partial defences to murder which reduce the offence to one of voluntary manslaughter.  Those partial defences involve loss of control (formerly known as provocation) and diminished responsibility.

Prosecutions for murder

Prosecutions for murder are taken seriously by the police and also by us.  The evidence presented can be a complicated jigsaw involving evidence of identification, CCTV, telephone evidence and cell-site mapping.  It can involve analysis of social media applications such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram whether encrypted or otherwise.  We take great care to ensure that we explore all possibilities, instructing some of the most renowned experts in pathology, CCTV and telephone data cell site analysis, facial recognition, DNA and blood splatter analysis, and psychiatrists.

Highly skilled, experienced team

Our experienced team is highly skilled at dealing with these issues and the evidence presented in murder allegations.  It is a reflection of our lawyers experience and reputation that in in the last two years we have represented 12 clients charged with murder or attempted murder. We also currently represent a client being investigated for war crimes. We are used to competing in an adversarial system with the police and The Crown Prosecution Service. Clients and their families trust us to represent them fearlessly and to use our skills experience, legal skills and knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome. 

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Please contact Shabaz Ahmed on 07985 421153 or Robert Dynowski on 07843 698980 if you wish to discuss any matters in complete confidence.

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