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Debt Recovery: Business Debts & Insolvency

We advise companies, directors and individuals experiencing financial difficulties

Debt Recovery: Business Debts and Insolvency

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Insolvency and Debt Recovery – Whether you are owed money either by; a company, professional body or individual Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors can assist you to recover that money using the most cost effective solution for you. The remedies available to you could range from a deduction from the debtors salary, to obtaining a legal charge in your favour over any properties/assets held by the debtor and therefore a consequent order by the Court to sell the property.

We can also assist you to serve a Statutory Demand against an individual or company and thereafter commence bankruptcy proceedings or winding up proceedings against the company.

Alternatively, our Dispute Resolution team can advise companies, directors and individuals who are in financial difficulty.  We have the necessary skills to act robustly for the recovery of monies or alternatively, we can reach a more amicable resolution depending on the circumstances of the case.

Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors recognise that not every client wishes to engage in heavy litigious and costly recovery procedures. We can tailor our advice to your needs and help you to determine the most suitable remedy for insolvency and debt recovery. We have specialist lawyers with many years of experience dealing with insolvency and debt recovery. If you need help we will be pleased to discuss your situation in confidence.

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