Cash Machine Worker Wins Damages for Tesco FallA cash machine maintenance worker, who slipped outside a Tesco supermarket, has been awarded £10,500 in compensation.
The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was working for Group 4 Securicor replenishing a cash machine outside the Tesco supermarket in Hemel Hempstead. A nearby sewer drain had overflowed causing the pavement to be slippery. The man fell, tearing cartilage in his knee and sustaining soft tissue injuries to his hip and spine.

After the accident, the 62-year-old was forced to take four months off work and therefore lost a substantial amount in wages during that period. In addition, he is still suffering from pain in his groin and back.

It emerged that Tesco had been aware of the danger and was waiting for contractors to arrive to remedy the problem. In spite of this, signs had not been put up to warn customers of the danger. Tesco admitted liability and the claim was settled out of court.

Businesses have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for use by members of the public and to protect them from injuries that are reasonably foreseeable. If you have been injured by a slip or fall in a public place on account of a failure to maintain the surface in a safe condition, you could be entitled to compensation. Loss of earnings is often an important component of settlements of this type. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.