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Our Employment Law Solicitors for Employees can help you understand UK Employment Laws for employees and individuals.


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Employment Law Solicitors for Employees

Our employment specialists are experts in advising employees on UK employment laws. We understand that the employment relationship can at times appear unbalanced, and that employees can often feel powerless to changes or actions imposed upon them. We are here to rebalance that relationship and advise you throughout the course of you employment. With experience in advising across the spectrum of industries, including at senior executive level, our employment law solicitors for employees are here to provide strategic advice and add value to discussions with your employer.

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Our employment law solicitors for employees have extensive experience in tackling allegations of discrimination, victimisation and workplace harassment on the basis of protected characteristics.  We can also assist in securing or facilitating adjustments for those with disabilities. The Equality Act 2010 protects your employment from the stage of application, recruitment and selection, to employment and post-employment. This protection extends to contract and agency workers and can even cover self-employed individuals if they qualify as ‘workers’. We can guide you through requests for flexible working / requesting part-time working or provide advice on maternity & paternity leave. We have a proven track record on standing up for employee’s rights in the workplace and have worked with and alongside unions in ensuring safe working environments.  


We have particular expertise in assisting individuals in raising workplace concerns or ‘whistleblowing’ on unsafe / illegal practices. These can be complex issues and in order to enjoy the protection offered by UK employment laws any disclosure requires to be made in a specific format and in the correct manner. We can guide you through the process to ensure this is done correctly and you are subsequently protected from being subjected to a detriment as a result of raising your concerns. 

We support employees in all range of contractual issues, from decoding jargon-heavy contracts at the onset of employment, discussing new terms and conditions (including salary and bonus disputes or holiday pay disputes) during employment or negotiating severance packages and settlement agreements at the end of employment. If you are a senior executive facing allegations of a breach of restrictive covenants and the threat of an injunction, we can negotiate with your former employers and obtain a speedy resolution of any dispute to enable you to work with your new employer as you intended.

Disputes with an employer

We understand that a dispute with your employer can be stressful and we aim to remove as this strain from you by offering sensible and pragmatic advice, while keeping your legal costs to a minimum. In the first instance we may try to bring about a negotiated resolution to your complaints, whether through internal procedures or settlement. If you are entitled to compensation for a breach of your legal rights, we will pursue this in full for you. We aim to avoid litigation if at all possible, however we are also litigation experts and have no reservations in pursuing our clients rights through Tribunal or Courts to appeal level should it prove necessary.  

Funding options for Employment cases

Private client retainer

The traditional arrangement between the client and the solicitor has been the private client retainer whereby the client agrees to pay for work carried out on their behalf on a standard hourly rate basis, regardless of the outcome. Please see our page on legal fees for more information on these

Legal expenses insurance (LEI)

LEI is often included as part of a household or motor insurance policy. It usually overs legal fees and disbursements up to a specified limit incurred in bringing an employment claim.

An insurance policy that is taken out before a dispute arises, is known as before the event (BTE) insurance. BTE is available to both employees and employers to expressly cover their legal costs for employment disputes.

After the event (ATE) insurance is a form of legal expenses cover taken out after the event to which the claim relates has occurred but generally before court or tribunal proceedings are commenced. ATE covers a party’s potential liability in the event of losing their case, in respect of their own disbursements and their opponent’s costs and disbursements.

BTE insurance and ATE insurance are mainly used for civil matters. Many policies attempt to impose various limitations on the type of work that is covered and the hourly rates that can be charged. However, it may still be a valuable asset for an employee client wishing to bring a claim.

Race discrimination legal support fund

You claim may be eligible for funding from the Equality and Human Rights Commission if it relates to race discrimination. The scheme aims to tackle race discrimination and help victims seek justice.

Legal Aid

We as a firm do not offer legal aid for any employment cases. If you would like to speak to us about funding options for an employment case please get in touch.

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