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We provide key employment services and advice


Our Legal Services

Edward Duthie Shamash’s employment specialists advise on key employment services. We provide a complete service for businesses, from the drafting of contract documentation, policies and handbooks to guiding the business and staff through disciplinary hearings or grievance and redundancy procedures.  We can assist in facilitating changes to your business to ensure it is adaptable to the current economic climate, retains profitability and maintains consumer confidence. We understand you simply want to get on with making your business sustainable and pursuing your strategic goals, we can take the stress out of your employment needs and ensure you are compliant with relevant legal regulations and standards.

For employees, our specialists are well versed in advising on workplace disputes including particular expertise in complaints of discrimination and harassment or facilitating adjustments for those with disabilities. We are here to assist if you require to raise whistleblowing complaints in respect of safety concerns in the workplace, or have been subject to a detriment for having done so. We can advise on securing flexible working arrangements and asserting your rights to maternity & paternity leave for those with children. If you are facing termination, whether it be on the basis of redundancy, performance issues, allegations of misconduct or otherwise, we are here to advise you on the best course of action to preserve employment or, if necessary, fight your corner to secure the appropriate level of compensation. 

Employment Law for Businesses

Edwards Duthie Shamash employment specialists offer advice and assistance on all legal issues facing businesses, including:

  • Employment contracts, consultancy and service agreements
  • Drafting handbooks, policies and procedures
  • Disputes or clarification over employment status
  • Employment aspects of commercial transactions, business sales, share sales and TUPE transfers
  • Grievance and disciplinary procedures
  • Redundancy procedures
  • Guiding you through a fair termination procedure
  • Advice on settlement agreements

We support employers through internal procedures or litigation as necessary; working towards the best outcome for your business.

Employment Law for Individuals

Our dedicated team of expert employment solicitors advise employees on the full range of employment claims, including:

  • Allegations of discrimination and harassment
  • Requesting reasonable adjustments in the workplace
  • Whistleblowing
  • Health and Safety concerns
  • Contractual disputes
  • Restricted covenants
  • Redundancy
  • Performance and capability issues
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Settlement agreements

We will work with you towards the best outcome, pursuing the preservation of employment, compensation, an agreed exit or litigation where appropriate.

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