Five-Figure Damages for Workplace FallA carpenter who was forced to retire after he was injured in a fall at work has been awarded a five-figure sum in compensation.
Michael Perrin, 51, was working as a carpenter at a hospital in Swansea when the accident occurred. He was descending a badly lit staircase that was covered in debris and litter when he slipped on a wrapper and fell heavily.

The fall caused serious damage to Mr Perrin’s ankle, which required major surgery. At one stage, it had looked as though he might even lose part of his leg. A number of steel bolts and plates were inserted into his ankle and he eventually had to have bone grafts from his hip. After the repair, his ankle gave him constant pain and he was forced to retire.

Mr Perrin brought a claim against Swansea NHS Trust and was awarded a five-figure settlement. His employer should have ensured that the stairs were well lit and free of debris.

Trips and falls are the most common cause of workplace injury. However, many such accidents can be prevented if an assessment of potential risks is carried out and remedial action taken. The consequences of such accidents can be very serious if someone falls on a hard surface or hits the corner of a desk or machine. If you are injured at work and are uncertain whether or not you have a right to compensation, contact to discuss your claim.