flexible hours

Flexible Criminal Courts

The Court Service has introduced controversial plans to introduce flexibility into the sitting hours of Courts, with a view to a pilot being conducted in six Courts throughout the country.

The proposal suggests that these changes would introduce efficiencies within the Criminal Justice System. The legal profession are, however, very concerned about the lack of effective consultation which has taken place and the risk that this proposal, if implemented, would cause more problems than it would begin to solve.  This would be for a variety of Court users.  It would also make it very difficult for lawyers involved in the Criminal Justice System with family responsibilities to effectively participate.  Ultimately, this is a bad idea.

Edwards Duthie Shamash are opposed to these plans, which we do not feel will help anybody, including our clients.

At present the Court Service have retreated from the current proposals and have shelved the consultation period for at least three months. We will continue to voice our opposition to these proposals in the hope that they will be abandoned.

Edwards Duthie Shamash represent clients on a regular basis throughout the Criminal Courts in London and elsewhere and have a very good understanding of the demands on the system within the Criminal Justice System and how these impact on our clients.