Kavita Rana

Edwards Duthie Shamash solicitor Kavita Rana on her journey into law and why she loves working in a company with history

Kavita Rana knew she wanted to be a solicitor at 14 years old. Today, she has achieved her dream and has been promoted to be a Partner at Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors in Ilford from April. “I love going to the Royal Courts of Justice,” she says. “I’ve always loved the building from a very young age.” Kavita started doing work experience at law firms at only fourteen. “One of the firms took me on a trip to the High Court and that’s when I knew I wanted to work in law,” she says.

Kavita has come a long way since then, and Edwards Duthie Shamash has been a big part of the journey. “I joined Edwards Duthie Shamash just after I completed my law school in 2009. I completed my training contract with the firm, and when I qualified in 2012 I was retained in dispute resolution,” she explains. Kavita studied law at the University of Essex in Colchester and completed the Legal Practice Course at BPP in Holborn.

Kavita says the great thing about dispute resolution is that it is everchanging. “As cheesy as it sounds, the great thing about the job is that no two days are the same. There’s such a vast area of law and there are so many different elements – you’re always kept on your toes,” she says.

“I do also love the contentious side,” she laughs, “but I balance that with the courts’ emphasis on resolution of disputes which is all about finding solutions.”

In fact, Kavita says Dispute Resolution is far centred around arguing. “Dispute resolution usually starts with a dispute, big or small, but it doesn’t necessarily end with a big fight – I think that’s a misconception,” she says. “My role as a lawyer is to conclude the dispute as best as I can – that could involve court proceedings or it could involve working towards an alternative remedy. It is important to respect what your client wants.”

“I love going to the Royal Courts of Justice, I’ve always loved the building from a very young age.”

One of the things Ka vita loves about working at Edwards Duthie Shamash are the relationships it builds with its clients. “We’ve been going for over 120 years and a lot of our longstanding clients have come down through the generations and have connections with the surrounding areas. I like that because there’s a sense of the client knowing the firm,” she says. “Law itself and especially Dispute Resolution can be pretty daunting, so you’ve got to know that you have a good lawyer that you can place your trust in.” In her downtime, Kavita plays the violin in an orchestra. “It’s a good way of taking my mind off work and allows me to go back to the office with a sharp and fresh mind the next day,” she says.

Recently, Edwards Duthie Shamash offered Kavita partnership, which means that alongside her role as a solicitor, she will become more involved with the running of the business. “This is a great opportunity, and for me it shows how the firm values the work of its employees.” she says. “I look forward to progressing with the firm and this is an exciting time, particularly with the opening of our new office in Wanstead.”

Edwards Duthie Shamash recently opened a new office in Wanstead. The company has been based in the East London/West Essex area for over 120 years and offers a wide range of legal services.

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