House of Lords Appeal and the European CourtEdwards Duthie Shamash act for a doctor who was granted leave to intervene in the Countryside Alliance Appeal for the House of Lords.  Whilst that appeal was unsuccessful, Edwards Duthie Shamash have now been notified that following a preliminary examination of the admissibility of the appeal this case can proceed to the European Court.  The President of the Chamber has invited UK Government to respond with observations on the admissibility and merits of the appeal.  Further developments are awaited in this regard

The proceedings before the House of Lords attracted a lot of publicity being concerned with a ban on fox hunting and the repercussions of this ban, politically, socially and legally.

In the application for leave to appeal now before the European Court of Human Rights, Edwards Duthie Shamash are seeking to challenge the decision of the House of Lords and the principles which were applied in The Countryside Alliance Appeal.