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Gerald Shamash
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Gerald heads up Edwards Duthie Shamash’s Parliamentary, Electoral and Media Law practice

Refurbishment of Flat at 11 Downing Street London SW1

Edwards Duthie Shamash act on behalf of Cat Smith MP, Shadow Minister for Democracy in the Cabinet Office in connection with a number of reports that have appeared in the media relating to the refurbishment of the flat above No 11 Downing St currently occupied by the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP.

It has extensively been reported in the media that the cost of refurbishing the flat is up to £200,000. The flat is of course government property being provided to the prime minister of the day on a-grace-and-favour basis and in recent years has been used by successive prime ministers and their families as it is somewhat larger than the flat above No 10 itself.

It is reported that the Conservative Party has itself provided a substantial proportion of the refurbishment by way of a donation to the Prime Minister or by way of direct funding of the cost of refurbishment. The precise position is not clear. Cabinet Office contributions are limited to £30,000. This leaves a shortfall of £170,000.

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