Natalie Darko

Criminal Department

Natalie joined the firm as a paralegal in August 2011, having completed the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at BPP Law School. She subsequently became a trainee solicitor and qualified as a Solicitor-Advocate within the Criminal department in March 2014.

Experience & Areas of Expertise

Natalie is an experienced police station accredited representative who regularly provides advice to adults, children and vulnerable individuals detained at the police station.

Natalie has previous experience as a Business Analyst which has meant she has developed the capability to dissect a problem with ease, and make sense of complex situations. She is committed to quality with excellent attention to detail, and with the highest degree of accuracy. Natalie represents clients at the Magistrates’ and Crown Court. She has extensive experience in criminal litigation and defends cases involving all types of offences including theft, and assaults, to the more serious offences such as murder, money laundering, fraud, sexual offences, serious cases of violence, drug supply, and firearms cases.

Natalie successfully obtained the Higher Rights of Audience Qualification in 2014, and is qualified to appear as an advocate herself in the Crown Court and Higher Courts.

Panel Membership

Natalie has successfully completed the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme allowing her to act as a Duty Solicitor. She is also police station accredited, and a member of the Young Legal Aid Lawyers.

Cases of interest

R v C [2019] – Represented a Defendant charged with attempted murder following an unprovoked knife attack in a Pub. The Defendant was found not guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court.

R v D [2018] – Represented one of three men charged with firearms offences and conspiracy to rob. The Defendant was found not guilty after Trial. The other two Defendant’s were found guilty.

R v S [2017] – Represented a 14 year girl accused of Arson at her school. The Defendant was alleged to have made admissions, however the Defence maintained this was a false confession and therefore not true. Objection was taken to the admissibility of this evidence, which resulted in the case being discontinued against the Defendant.

R v X [2016] – Represented a Defendant accused of the historical Rape of a family member aged 12 years old. The Defendant was found not guilty at Woolwich Crown Court.

R v T [2015] – Represented a Defendant accused of possession with intent to supply drugs, where she was found with 77 packages of heroin, 5 packages of crack cocaine, and 23 packages of cocaine. The Defendant was found not guilty after Trial, at Inner London Crown Court.

R v M [2015] – Represented a nurse charged with the wilful neglect of a patient which resulted in her suicide in a mental health hospital. After a 3 week Trial, the Defendant was found not guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

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