Payout for Air Passenger Injured by Metal CabinetA woman who was injured on an airline flight when returning from holiday has won £6,500 in compensation.

The woman was flying back from a holiday in Kuala Lumpur.  She was in the toilet cubicle when a metal cabinet fell from the wall and hit her on the back of the head.

The woman passed out and was found to have sustained injuries to her head, neck, back, thigh and coccyx.  She later had to have 14 stitches in her head wound.  The accident unsettled her and she has not felt able to fly long haul since.

The airline, KLM, initially offered the woman £2,000 in compensation for the accident but she turned this offer down.  After further negotiation with the airline, the offer of compensation was increased to £6,500.

Avoidable accidents can turn a holiday into a disaster.  If you have been injured or developed an illness whilst on holiday, you could be entitled to compensation if this occurred as a result of poor maintenance or hygiene.  We can advise you on how to make a personal injury claim if you have suffered because of the negligence of your hotel, airline, tour operator or any other person or company that owed you a duty of care.