A property tycoon who suffered brain damage after being knocked down on a zebra crossing has been awarded a £2.75 million payout.

Pamela Green, 74, was crossing the road near her house while out walking her standard poodle when she was hit by a people carrier travelling at about 30 mph.  Mrs Green was left with severe brain damage which has affected her memory.  Her pelvis was also fractured in the accident.  As a result of her injuries, she has had to give up her business activities.

The driver of the car claimed that he did not see anyone walk out in front of him.  He said that Mrs Green must have run onto the crossing, making the collision inevitable.

Mrs Green, however, said that she would never have just stepped in front of a car and that she would have been easy to see as her dog is large.

The claim was eventually settled out of court.  The amount of the settlement is believed to be the largest ever in a case of this kind.

Pedestrians who are crossing the road are especially vulnerable and have priority over vehicles on pedestrian crossings.  If you have been injured in a road traffic accident – whether as a pedestrian, driver or passenger – on account of the negligence of another road user, you could be entitled to compensation.