Substantial Compensation for the Victim of a Miscarriage of JusticeEdwards Duthie Shamash have recently concluded a case for a client which resulted in convictions for serious sexual offences being quashed and substantial compensation being paid to him.

In 1990 Mr. AB was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment when he was found guilty at the Central Criminal Court.  At that time, we did not represent him.  Upon his release he instructed us to pursue an appeal based on fresh evidence.  Such an appeal was presented to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division and was successful.  Thereafter, an application was made to the Ministry of Justice for compensation for what was agreed by all to have been a substantial miscarriage of justice.

The Ministry of Justice have recently agreed to pay to Mr. AB £716,000 in compensation for his wrongful imprisonment and the stress and anxiety which he has had to endure.

This case was dealt with throughout by Shaun Murphy, the Senior Partner of Edwards Duthie Shamash.  He prepared the application to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division, acted as the advocate in that appeal and also dealt with the successful application for compensation to the Ministry of Justice.