Success in removing police caution


Edwards Duthie Shamash succeeded in having a caution removed for a client following a domestic incident with his wife.

It was in fact never the intention of our client’s wife that he should be arrested or cautioned.  The fact of the caution had the potential to seriously impact upon his professional career in Financial Services.   We were able to successfully demonstrate that the procedure followed by the police was flawed and that there was a dearth of evidence justifying the caution in any event.  Following representations, the Police agreed to the caution being removed.  The Police also agreed to the destruction of our client’s fingerprints, DNA, & photograph together with all other related records maintained on the Police National Computer.

The person who dealt with this case within Edwards Duthie Shamash was Shaun Murphy.

Edwards Duthie Shamash specialise in this area of law and are able to assist you if you ever encounter such a problem.