What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is a quick and effective way of resolving disputes which arise from relationship breakdown. It can be less acrimonious and cheaper than other routes.  A skilled mediator will guide discussions between you and your ex-partner to look at options and workable solutions that feel fair to both of you.

Mediation can deal with issues relating to children, such as contact, residence and relocation.  Mediation can also be used to resolve financial issues, such as maintenance for children and/or former partner, property disputes and pensions.

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Our Family Mediation Service

After contacting our service you will be offered a one to one initial assessment meeting.  Once your case has been assessed as being suitable for mediation, sessions are normally conducted with both clients present in the room.  Sometimes mediation takes place with clients in separate rooms, and this is something we would discuss with you at your assessment meeting.  Sessions are structured to allow clients to communicate effectively and negotiate an outcome  which is satisfactory to both of them.

At the end of the process we can draft documents which reflect the agreement reached and summarise your financial position if appropriate.  The agreement can then form the basis of a court order.

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At Edwards Duthie Shamash mediation is conducted by a trained family mediator  who is skilled at helping clients to communicate effectively to resolve all issues in dispute.

Why choose us?

Your mediator will also be an experienced family lawyer who uses a sympathetic and fair approach to help you achieve a settlement.  Our mediation service is supported by the skills and experience of our well known and respected family team whose specialists cover all areas of family law.

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How much does the process cost?

  1. Initial meetings -£100 plus vat
  2. Mediation sessions -£250 plus VAT per hour (i.e. £125 per person)
  3. Drafting documents following agreement -£200 plus VAT per hour (i.e. £100 per person)

Sometimes it is appropriate to arrange sessions for more than 1 hour, and if this applies to you our rates will be varied accordingly.  We charge an hourly rate of £200 plus VAT for any preparation work required outside of the mediation sessions excluding routine telephone calls.

It takes us on average between 3 and 5 sessions to complete the process, depending on the issues in dispute.

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