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Car Smash Compensation Increased by 50 per cent

Car Smash Compensation Increased by 50 per cent

Car Smash Compensation Increased by 50 per cent

A man who was involved in a road traffic accident took court proceedings after the insurers of the driver responsible failed to come up with a reasonable offer of compensation.

The accident happened when a car pulled out in front of the vehicle Edward Haddock, 31, was driving. He suffered whiplash injuries in the collision and brought a claim for compensation against the driver of the other car.

The driver’s insurers accepted liability for the accident and offered a sum in compensation. The amount suggested, however, was considered inadequate and it was not possible to reach an amicable agreement.

As a result, court proceedings were commenced to settle the amount of compensation payable. The judge decided that the appropriate award was almost 50 per cent more than the sum the insurance company was originally prepared to pay.

If you are entitled to compensation for injuries suffered in a road traffic accident, it is important that you receive a fair settlement. Insurers will normally try to settle claims for as low a figure as possible. Where the sum offered is clearly not reasonable recompense for the damage done, putting pressure on insurers by bringing the case to court can help achieve a fair compensation award. Contact us for guidance on how to get the full value of your compensation claim.

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