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Damages for Wet Platform Slip

Damages for Wet Platform Slip

Damages for Wet Platform Slip

A woman who had to ‘cancel Christmas’ after she slipped on the platform at a railway station has won compensation for her injuries.

In November 2006, Margot Keats, 61, was on her way to do some Christmas shopping when she slipped on the wet platform at Nottingham station and broke her leg.  She was rushed to hospital where a metal plate was inserted.  As she was on crutches after the surgery she was unable to get out to buy presents and had to delay her Christmas giving until the following spring.

Not only was Mrs Keats’s Christmas affected, but she is now less confident when walking in cold and wet conditions.

Following her accident, Mrs Keats contacted the station’s operators, Central Trains, saying they were responsible for ensuring that the platforms were safe for the public to use. The response she received from them was unacceptable. She therefore decided to bring a formal claim against the company, which subsequently admitted liability.  An undisclosed amount was offered in compensation.

If you have slipped or tripped in a public place because of a failure to maintain it in a safe condition, you could be entitled to damages for any injuries sustained. A claim can be brought against the owner of the land or, as in this case, the person or organisation with day-to-day responsibility for its upkeep.

If you would like advice on how to make a personal injury claim, contact riffat.yaqub@edwardsdutie.com. It is important to take advice early on as there are time limits that apply when making a claim for compensation.

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