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DLA Conference – February 2021

DLA Conference – February 2021

DLA Conference – February 2021

DLA CONFERENCE – February 2021 – “Activist lawyers, discrimination and positive action” – 9 online sessions – BOOK NOW!

All 9 sessions of the Conference will be provided with live captioning kindly sponsored by Edward Duthie Shamash Solicitors.

Please join us for the Discrimination Law Association’s Annual Conference entitled “Activist lawyers, discrimination and positive action”.

Due to the pandemic, the format of the conference will be completely different from usual in that it will be held online (via zoom) in a series of nine sessions over two weeks, one session a day, from Monday 8th February to Thursday 18th February.

We have a fantastic line-up of speakers and topics for you which we hope will inspire you to join us, again and again, for stimulating talks and enlightened discussion. The topics and speakers are listed in the attached leaflet – full details to follow shortly.

This year, the Discrimination Law Association’s annual conference explores and reflects on the current state of play for equality, both at home and abroad.

In 2020, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Equality Act 2010 and the 25th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. We witnessed the widespread civil action of the Black Lives Matter movement and the disproportionate effect the Covid-19 pandemic has had on minorities. We witnessed too the heightened attacks on the legal profession via the pejorative use of the term “activist lawyers”.

With inequality and discrimination in the national conscience and global spotlight, we reflect on what it is to be an “activist” in these times, what positive strides have been made, what is still to be done, and what tools we have at our disposal to effect change.

Buying a ticket to this Conference will ensure you a ringside seat at every one of the sessions. We very much look forward to seeing you there. Reserve your place now by going to our secure booking website here.

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