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Injunctions to prevent an unlawful trespass

Injunctions to prevent an unlawful trespass

Injunctions to prevent an unlawful trespass

Claims against a neighbour for encroachment on your land are not without complications. Litigation can be the option of last resort. If you encounter such difficulties, Edwards Duthie Shamash have experienced lawyers who are able to effectively and successfully guide you through the problems that arise.

This can include an injunction, obtained at an early stage in the proceedings. Such a remedy can be highly effective. It nips the problem in the bud and can compel the other party to very quickly agree to your reasonable demands. Obtaining an injunction can itself be problematical. There are a number of legal and procedural hoops to jump through. In such a case, you need to have skilful and experienced lawyers to achieve the right result.

Edwards Duthie Shamash recently acted in such a case on behalf of the owner of a commercial property where a neighbour sought to ride roughshod over important rights of access. We were successful in obtaining an injunction at the very first hearing as well as a substantial Order for Costs against the other side. 

This case was dealt with by Shaun Murphy and Michael Bonehill at Edwards Duthie Shamash. Counsel instructed in the successful application was Christy Burzio.

We welcome instructions in similar cases where our expertise can be made available to your advantage.

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