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Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible

This was my first marathon and I was honoured to be able to run and raise money for the Starlight children’s foundation; who grant wishes for terminally ill children.

My nerves on the day were quickly banished as soon as I reached Greenwich and caught sight of the incredible crowds! As the race began I was overwhelmed by the cheering and support of the locals.

3 bottles of Lucozade, endless bottles of water and what felt like 100 jelly babies (thanks crowd!) later and I began to feel the pain (and sugar overdose) and by mile 23 I really felt the strain but as soon as I caught a glimmer of Westminster and the magnificent cheering of the crowds there was no stopping me.

The feeling of crossing the finish line and receiving the medal and knowing this was all for a good cause is priceless and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Natalie Amara – “Nothing is impossible”

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