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Wanstead Fringe interviews Bradley Wright

The tax holiday on stamp duty rates which was introduced in July 2020, this came to an end in England and Northern Ireland at the end in September. The big change this autumn is that Stamp Duty thresholds will return to the original rate as of 1st October 2021. There is some confusion as to what these rates are.

Wanstead Fringe interviews Bradley Wright

Wanstead Fringe interviews Bradley Wright

As a community enterprise run by unpaid volunteers, Wanstead Fringe relies heavily on its sponsors. The kind donations enable them to pay for the many running costs needed to bring a fortnight of events together for the benefit of the Wanstead Community.

Wansted Fringe dedicates this weeks article to Edwards Duthie Shamash. They popped along to our Wanstead office at: 149 High St, Wanstead, E11 2RL to find out why we continue to support the Wanstead Fringe after 5 years. They spoke with Bradley Wright, Partner, Solicitor and a Litigation Specialist…

WF: Hi Bradley, for the benefit of the local community and faithful Fringe followers – what does Edwards Duthie Shamash do and how do you differentiate yourself in the legal market?

EDS: We offer a broad and comprehensive range of Legal Services to individuals, organisations, clubs and businesses. Edwards Duthie Shamash undertake a unique mix of publicly funded, Corporate, Trade Union, Political and private client work. We are a diverse firm both in terms of our Personnel and our areas of expertise. This diversity is bound together by a commitment to establish lasting relationships with clients whatever their financial status.

We are aware that in these difficult times the community has seen the withdrawal of many basic high street services such as banking. Therefore we consider a high street presence to be extremely important and are pleased to offer what is essentially a one stop shop for all their legal requirements.

Photography by Wanstead Fringe.
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