Thousands of people make successful fatal injury claims every year

Fatal Injuries – If the fatal accident was someone else’s fault, then the family of the deceased may be able to make a fatal injuries compensation claim.

Sadly people die in accidents daily, leaving behind devastated family members and friends. The thought of making a claim for compensation in these situations is not the first thing on the minds of those loved ones but in some cases the compensation will be essential for the family to carry on after the death.


e.g. If a person is killed in an accident at work leaving behind their spouse/partner who looks after their children, they may have no way of providing for those children in the absence of the deceased.

That’s why Fatal injury compensation claims are really important to the family that the deceased has left behind.

Specialist Personal Injury Lawyers

Our team of specialist Personal Injury lawyers at Edwards Duthie Shamash offer compassion and empathy towards the deceased’s family and have years of experience dealing with fatal injury claims after people have been killed in accidents at work, road accidents or even as the result of clinical negligence.

Our highly knowledgeable Lawyers understand complicated high value claims, dealing with very serious injuries and fatal accident cases. It is essential that a Personal Injury specialist Lawyer is involved in these cases.

Sometimes people are killed as a result of an illness or disease they contact at work or in the environment. We also have specialists who deal with compensation claims for these types of case.

Whatever is needed for you and your case, we help to put it in place.

Making a Personal Injury Compensation Claim for a Deceased


As with all personal injury compensation claims you would need to prove that the fatal accident was caused as a result of the negligence of another party and once you appoint a personal injury compensation solicitor, they will assist you in compiling the evidence and presenting it to the third party insurers.

Every personal injury compensation claim is very different and while some are settled within a matter of months, others can take years. Most cases are settled out of Court; however some do go to court.

Successful Personal injury compensation claims awarded to a family on behalf of a deceased relative could include:

Cohabitees in a long term unmarried relationship such as common law husbands and wives that have lived together continuously for more than 2 years prior to the date of death are treated the same as married partners and can claim.

Partners in a Civil Partnership or any individual that has a financial dependency on the person killed may be able to claim compensation too. This can include grandchildren if they are being cared for on a permanent basis by a grandparent that is killed, dependent or elderly parents or persons with a disability in a similar dependent position.

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