Tendon and Ligament Injuries are sustained daily and compensation claims are made by many thousands of people every week. The damage caused can be incredibly painful as they may be torn, pulled or stretched.

Like any part of the body they can become damaged as a result of overuse, repetitive movements or excess force. This results in conditions such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) and tendonitis. After a ligament injury it can be difficult to bear weight due to pain as a result of damage to the joint and swelling.

The effects and symptoms of Tendon and Ligament damage are:

Effects of injuries

These types of injury are painful and often persist for a long period of time, sometimes taking several weeks (or more) to heal which may mean you having to change jobs in the meantime, or taking time off work. It causes a great deal of physical and mental distress for both you and your family and is an unpleasant injury to deal with.

All of this is inconvenient for both you and your employer.

It could result in a reduction to your expected income and cause stress for both you and your family. A drop or loss of earnings will affect your standard of living and in some cases may cause financial hardship.

Your injury may require treatment such as anti-inflammatory painkillers, cortisone injections, antibiotics or even surgery. There may be additional expenses such as taxi fares to hospital or physiotherapy.

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Tendon/Ligament claims can be made for:

  • Work accidents and strains
  • Slip accidents at work
  • Accidents in a supermarket
  • Sprain injury caused by a non fault accident
  • Lifting accident at work
  • Tendon injury from a car accident
  • Ligament damage from a traffic accident
  • Lifting heavy items at work with no training given by employer

If your injuries have happened as a result of a non-fault accident or connected to your workplace, then a claim for compensation may be possible.

There are certain jobs which are considered high risk for tendon injuries which include:

  • Data input
  • Sewing
  • Cleaners
  • Board manufacturers
  • Engineers
  • Production line work

Anyone who is new to these types of jobs is at risk. Older workers may fall into this category due to the fact that tendons stiffen with age that can make them prone to injury.

Poor posture, bad ergonomics and overuse account for many tendon injuries.

Employer responsibility

An employer has a duty of care to protect their employees against the risk of an accident and injury. They should provide Health and Safety guidelines designed to safeguard employees and provide extra protection.

Risk assessments for each new employee are required, checking workstations to make sure they are set up correctly, advising an employee to take short breaks whenever possible.

If none of these are implemented then the employee could suffer injury such as RSI or tendonitis.
If you have suffered a tendon injury then this can have a serious effect upon your quality of life.


A tendon is a link between a muscle that contracts and the bone to which it is attached. You could suffer a torn tendon, pulled tendon or just have general tendon damage. When you suffer tendon damage the tendon seeps fluid out of torn fibres causing the area to swell. This fluid works as a glue and tries to repair the damage. When you have suffered a tendon injury, it is important to assess the injury as early as possible. Rest is very important in the recovery of torn tendons, pulled tendons or general tendon damage. A tendon injury is not something that exercise will make better. When the pain to your injury is reduced, a programme of personal exercises should be given to help the muscles regain their strength. The compensation awarded will reflect the timescale of pain and suffering.


A ligament injury can be described in many ways, for example, torn ligament, ligament damage, ligament pain, but is actually a stretch, tear or rupture. These are classified according to severity from least to greatest as first, second or third degree. The compensation awarded will reflect the severity of the injury.

Additionally an injury claim can be made for:

  • Pain, discomfort and disability caused
  • Medication and or equipment costs
  • Loss of earnings
  • Reduction in life expectancy
  • Treatment costs including travel expenses

It doesn’t stop there…

Edwards Duthie Shamash provide you with help and advice along the way. We also refer you for additional support so that you are able to adjust to new circumstances following the Tendon or Ligament injury. We can advise about care, rehabilitation and life skills; providing you with any essential custom aids and appliances.

Whatever is needed for you and your case, we help to put it in place.

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If you or someone you know has experienced any of the above, we understand what you’re going through. We specialise in high-level injury cases and are proud of our ongoing achievements allowing us to secure multi-million pound compensation awards for our clients providing life-long financial stability. A large proportion of tendon and ligament injury compensation claims are successfully fought each year by our specialist medical solicitors.

It doesn’t stop there, with Edwards Duthie Shamash we provide you with help and advice along the way. We can advise about care, rehabilitation and life skills; providing you with any essential custom aids and appliances. Whatever is needed for you and your case, we help to put it in place. We understand how difficult things can be, so we lift the burden from you, bringing you peace of mind and a secure future after a Tendon or Ligament Injury.

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