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Construction Accidents – Construction and building sites can be very dangerous places with hazards all around, including; collapsing trenches and foundations, falling objects, electrical tools and working on scaffolding.

Frequently we encounter accident compensation claims involving people falling from heights, injuries by dangerous machinery and slipping or tripping on something. The fact is that there are lots of ways in which personal injuries can happen within the construction industry.


Many workers on building sites work as self-employed contractors. The fact that a worker is self-employed at the time of a building site accident, does not automatically prevent a claim for compensation. The courts have, in certain circumstances, held that self-employed sub-contractors are entitled to rely upon the safety duties imposed upon an employer for providing a safe place or safe system of work.

As a construction site worker you are owed a duty by your employer to ‘keep you safe’ from injury and accident. A construction industry employee who suffers an industrial injury or accident at work as a result of a breach of duty on the part of his or her employer can bring a claim for compensation against their employer (or more usually the employer’s insurers). There are specific health and safety regulations provided within the UK to protect you, these include:

  • Working at height regulations
  • Risk of falling objects
  • Protection from defective and dangerous premises
  • Defective machinery and work equipment
  • Manual handling of objects on building sites
  • Excessive noise exposure
  • Injury from work vehicles

What is my Personal Injury Worth?

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How do you prove your employer is responsible to pay compensation for construction site accidents?

Pursuing legal responsibility or fault by your employer is best left down to a specialist solicitor like Edwards Duthie Shamash.

Who can make construction accident claims?

An employee is clearly entitled to compensation, but in certain circumstances other individuals can make construction accident claims, including:

Anyone with permission to enter onto a construction site should be warned and protected from the inherent dangers on the site.

An occupier of a construction site should ensure it is properly fenced off and secure to prevent trespass, and if the trespasser is a child – the company managing the site should be aware that children are attracted to play on such sites and that gaps in a fence could lead to a liability claim if any injury occurs.

If you think you have the right to claim compensation for a Personal Injury you suffered whilst working or visiting a construction site, contact one of our Specialist Personal Injury lawyers now and find out how much compensation you could be entitled to.

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