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Anna Orpwood

Wills and Probate Department
Anna Orpwood
Anna Orpwood


Anna joined the firm in July 2003 and qualified as a solicitor in May 2006. Anna was appointed as a salaried partner in April 2011. Anna became the youngest equity partner of the firm in April 2017.

Experience & Areas of Expertise

Anna specialises in all matters pertaining to the private client department including Will writing, advising on Lasting Powers of Attorney, estate administration and matters with regards to the Court of Protection.

Anna has significant experience in respect of Lasting Powers of Attorney and Deputyships and is often appointed herself to act for individuals who have no one else to whom they can turn.

Anna has a wealth of experience in Will preparation and, given her experience in estate administration, is often appointed as a professional executor herself.

Anna has developed a loyal client base and leads our Wanstead office and is becoming a familiar face amongst local residents.  Anna has recently been featured as one of the leading ladies in the area.

Anna often receives instructions from other firms, especially those abroad, to assist in reseal applications and other probate issues.

Anna carries out home visits for those unable to attend the office and spends a great deal of time visiting care homes to provide advice to clients and also professional advice to staff.


Anna has achieved full accreditation for Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE), which has been celebrated by the firm and wider community.

SFE FAM Accredited


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