Tax planning for your families future benefit is of the utmost importance.

Tax planning – With a wealth of experience managing the estates of our clients, Edwards Duthie Shamash Solicitors can help you ensure that your assets are protected and can be enjoyed by your descendants for years to come.


Inheritance tax is charged based on the value of your estate when you die. If your estate – all of your assets, including property, investments, life insurance and valuables – is valued at over the current threshold, you are charged 40% tax on the excess. There are slightly different rules for married couples.  On the death of the second spouse, the second spouse will be able to use the unused allowance of the deceased spouse as well as their own allowance, both of which are assessed at the date of death of the second spouse.

When you consider your house is included in your estate, you can quickly exceed your limit. There are several ways your solicitor can arrange your assets so that you can limit the impact of inheritance tax. By tax planning through practical estate management and succession advice, we can create and administer a number of trusts that pass ownership of some or all of your assets on to friends and relatives. As a result, you can ensure that the wealth that you worked so hard to build is protected for future generations.

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