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Kevin Bonavia

Civil Litigation department
Kevin Bonavia
Kevin Bonavia


Kevin joined the firm in 2018 with several years’ experience as a civil litigator and he specialises in election and media law.

On qualification as a solicitor in 2004, Kevin began his legal career working on several complex fraud claims, often in multiple jurisdictions. As a result, Kevin has successfully obtained and challenged interim injunctions, including search and freezing orders.

Kevin has experience in all aspects of election law, including petitions challenging local and parliamentary election results, the various reporting requirements for candidates, parties and third party campaigners, as well as advice on the conduct of elections campaigns in general.

In the realm of media law, Kevin advises on the bringing and defending of defamation claims. He also acts for victims of the newspaper phone-hacking scandal and has achieved successful outcomes for several clients, including former footballer Paul Gascoigne and others.

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